freeing you to focus on winning.


We handle every detail of campaign accounting and compliance. From the moment the wheels of your campaign are set in motion through all necessary post-election proceedings, we oversee every dollar and every detail to ensure you are entirely compliant.

As the climate of public suspicion meets increasingly complex regulatory demands, we have the experience, relationships, and acumen to manage every aspect of your entity's accounting, free of dispute.

Filing and Compliance Reporting:
indisputable accuracy and unquestionable transparency

Filing all FEC, state and municipal campaign finance reporting at each stage.

Conducting detailed review of all contributions and providing clear counsel on compliance and critical decisions.

Handling all inquiries from enforcement agencies, media and the public regarding the entity’s accounting and reporting.

Ensuring impeccable accuracy, reconciled to the entity's banking accounts, as well as total transparency to governance.

Accounting and budget management:
bringing order and direction to campaign finance

Creating a strategic budget to account for unplanned expenditures and building healthy reserves for the critical final weeks of the campaign.

Managing all aspects of campaign accounting, processing contributions and expenditures.

Accounting with relentless attention to detail, providing indisputable record of every dollar of the campaign’s finances, in case of review or audit.

Reconciling all contributions and cashflow to appropriate bank accounts and accounting platforms.

Constant Cash Flow Monitoring: day-to-day oversight

Safeguarding against accidental banned expenditures or contribution limit violations.

Streamlining all receipts into meaningful data that you can report on and cash flow information you can act upon.

Processing disbursements while keeping the campaign on its expected budget.

Delivering detailed and specific views of the campaign's financial position at any moment, coupled with consultative guidance on critical and time-sensitive decisions.

Campaign Set Up: directing all aspects of a strategic start

Filing as an entity or candidate, procuring all campaign finance forms and identification numbers.

Setting up all banking accounts, financial software and training staff on HenryAlan accounting solutions.

Delivering a detailed timeline and financial process, training staff and volunteers on necessary steps and protocol.